Market-Based Management, 5th Edition

MBM is used in over 160 MBA programs such as Columbia, Dartmouth, Michigan, Northwestern, Stanford, Texas, UCLA, USC, Wharton and major corporations such as 3M, Dow, Dow Corning, DuPont, HP, ICI, Invitrogen, Sprint, Textron, Telstra and many others. MBM is available in Spanish and Chinese.

MBM is used because of its applied approach, easy to read, providesmany real world examples and takes a performance approach to market analysis and marketing strategies.

The Marketing Performance Tools presented on this website are a major benefit to users of MBM. Presented below is how MBM is organized and chapter titles.

Part I Market Orientation and Performance
  Chapter 1 Customer Focus, Customer Performance and Profit Impact
  Chapter 2 Marketing Metrics and Marketing Profitability
Part II Market Analysis
  Chapter 3 Market Potential, Market Demand and Market Share
  Chapter 4 The Customer Experience and Value Creation
  Chapter 5 Market Segmentation and Segmentation Strategies
  Chapter 6 Competitive Position and Sources of Advantage
Part III Marketing Mix Strategies
  Chapter 7 Product Positioning, Branding and Product Line Strategies
  Chapter 8 Value-Based Pricing and Pricing Strategies
  Chapter 9 Marketing Channels and Channel Mapping
  Chapter 10 Marketing Communications, Social Media, and Customer Response
Part IV Strategic Marketing
  Chapter 11 Portfolio Analysis and Strategic Market Planning
  Chapter 12 Offensive Strategies
  Chapter 13 Defensive Strategies
Part V Marketing Plans and Performance
  Chapter 14 Building a Marketing Plan
  Chapter 15 Marketing Metric, Performance and Strategy Implementation
  Chapter 16 Market-Based Management and Financial Performance
MBM can be purchased on For purchase amounts of 20 books or more, you can buy direct from the publisher, Prentice-Hall at 1-800-922-0579.

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